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Vehicle Finance

Vehicle finance allows you the option of driving the car of your dreams without having to have the full purchase price in cash. You just need to meet the criteria set out for finance application and we can facilitate your finance thru the banks.

We work diligently to get you the best deal possible and do all the work for you and we can even source for the car of your dreams from our network of dealers once approved. Basically you don’t need to have the physical car to apply for finance – just tell us your budget and we will get you the approval and get you the car you want according to your description.

No need to shop around for a car – we know cars and we will always choose the best and do the necessary checks.

Vehicle Refinancing

Vehicle Refinancing is an attractive option for anyone looking to decrease their monthly expenses or to consolidate your debts. This option allows individuals that have paid up their vehicles or have paid back a reasonable amount of your vehicle, and wish to access some money to consolidate debt by refinancing the car.

Refinancing can put cash in your pocket, refinancing works for anyone looking free up some money to consolidate debt or even get holiday money.

Private Finance Process

Our diligent processes are aimed at protecting our interests, the sellers interest and also yours as private buyer. Whilst every effort is made to verify the seller's legitimacy and interest in the vehicle, we also do a thorough test on the vehicle itself, looking for obvious defects.

These tests are performed by outside service providers – namely AA/DEKRA.

We bring you a peace of mind and a guarantee that you will not fall victim of buying a none existing vehicle from con man.

Cost Of Private to Private Vehicle Finance

A private to private finance fee applies to every transaction. This fee can vary depending on which financial institution approved your application. The fee is aimed at ensuring the buyer's peace of mind through a number of vehicle checks.

We also do the licensing and registration of the vehicle making sure that the car is fully registered as required.

All fees are included on the financed amount, or you can pay for them separately should you wish to do so.

No upfront payments or deposits required, deposits only payable if the bank requires the client to do so based on affordability and or credit profile of the applicant. We will never ask you to pay any monies in cash to us.

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